As part of its recent restructuring Team Wiltshire organised a two-day badminton camp at Bath University on the 11/12th of August 2018, 19 players attended together with 5 from Devon.
The camp was led by Alex Lane ( yes that Alex Lane ) supported by his coaching team of Henry Prothero and Andrew Heineman totalling some 10 hours of hard work for the players which resulted in some very sore legs and some very serious badminton coaching. Team Wiltshire is subsidising the camp and has booked exclusive use of the camp for the rest of the season, each camp can take 24 players and can guarantee a lot of fun and a lot of work. All that attended really enjoyed the experience of being coached in one of the top sporting universities in the country supported coaches who are also top-level players, smiles all round. So well done all, thanks to the parents who supplied and transported the participants, thanks to the participants for their commitment and hard work and thanks to the coaches for their dedication.

Onward and upward !

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