5 Medals in Herefordshire
for the Wiltshire pair.

Katie and Riya competed today in the Herefordshire U13s. Katie was seeded 1 and Riya 2 for the singles and they didn't disappoint, both making to the final. This was an epic final which had the two girls fighting for the title. The rallies were long and hard and both girls looked tired at times. It was close when they changed ends but Katie then managed to pull out a lead to 20-15. However, Riya was having none of that and processed with her fightback getting it to 20 all. The girls fought on and eventually Katie won 24-22. It truly was a special final and the officials were still talking about it at the end of the day. 1 & 2 for Wiltshire!
Then it was time for the doubles and mixed doubles. Katie and Riya, probably still a little tired from the singles, made a bad start and lost their first match. This meant they had to win their next match to be in the playoff for Bronze. Happily they did manage to win the playoff and receive more medals. Katie didn't really feature in the mixed but Riya managed to find the energy to win another gold with her partner. A great performance all round by the two Wiltshire girls.

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