U14s & U18s  vs Dorset

Geoff 04/11/2019

November 3rd 2019 at Tidworth Leisure Centre was an interesting day
for Team Wiltshire's U14's and U18's against their Dorset peers.

This is the first time we ran two teams at the same venue on the same
day, the results were quite impressive.

The U14's ran into a little problem as Dorset had only sent a Shires
League team of 8 when it was a SWCBA League match needing 12, the team
therefore gained 10 wins by default making the match result 30 - 6 to
Wiltshire, their second win in their first two matches, magnificent.

Our thanks go out to Emma, Carol and Simon Woodhouse for all their help
with the team and their ability to cope with a somewhat unusual set of

The U18's had their first match of the season and what a match it was,
the Mixed Doubles saw Wiltshire win 4 of the 6 matches, the Boys Singles
was a clean sweep of 6 wins for Wiltshire, the Girls Singles saw 2 wins
from 6 matches, the Girls Doubles resulted in 3 wins from 9 matches so
things were getting somewhat tense but then came the Boys Doubles of 9
matches of which 7 went to Wiltshire, the final result 22 to 14 for

Special thanks are are due to all the parents who attended, supplied
and supported the teams together with such a vast amount of
refreshments, all of which were much very appreciated by everyone, many
thanks to you all.

Thanks to Steve Hulbert for all his coaching and Chris Eagles for his
excellent team management.
So there you have it Team Wiltshire have won their first three matches 
of the season, well done all.


U18s Winning Team v Dorset 3 Nov 19

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