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2019-2020 Season

We are about to enter the second season of the four-year plan, focussed on developing Wiltshire junior county
badminton through targeting two main areas:
1. Coaching : offering a greater frequency of high level coaching
2. Recruitment and squad development: exposure to match play for squad members in all age groups and
increasing the number of ‘match-ready’ squad members to ensure depth of talent on which to draw.
Last season saw the involvement of Bath University through the engagement of Alex Lane and his team. Alex has
now left this role in order to better pursue his Olympic ambitions and Team Wiltshire wishes him well for the future.
We are delighted to announce that the Lead Coach replacement with immediate effect will be Steve Hulbert who
brings with him over 30 years’ coaching experience. He has represented England at European and World
Championship level on the Masters Circuit, and both Wiltshire and Somerset County 1 st teams over a 15 year period.
His extensive knowledge of Wiltshire Juniors and their development needs will undoubtedly prove invaluable as we
seek to build on the foundations of the 2018/2019 season.
Steve will also be supported by Emma Lewis, who has been managing the mid-Wilts U12s coaching sessions over the
past season. Emma will continue to provide coaching with Steve and will also compile player and team development
data to feed into the training programme.
The coaching team will provide 14 coaching sessions throughout the year supplemented by badminton camps at
each half term. Performance analysis of match results from the 2018/2019 season combined with feedback from
players, parents and coaches has identified a key development area of doubles play including specifically mixed
tactics for U16s upwards. This will form a core focus in the programme delivery in addition to an ongoing
commitment to developing fully rounded players with consistent technical skills, good footwork practices and
tactical knowledge of both singles and doubles.
The team will draw on existing contacts with the many talented individuals in and around Wiltshire to offer the
juniors enriched development. This may involve, for example, inviting members of the County 1 st /2 nd or Masters
teams to train with the squad or guest coaches/players to attend selected sessions to offer new experiences and
perspectives to our developing young players.
Recruitment and squad development
Last season’s recruitment efforts were hugely successful, resulting in a squad of approximately 100 players, a small
number of whom will leave Team Wiltshire this season through natural or age-related attrition.
Steve and Emma are currently in the process of visiting county clubs to establish links and to recruit potential new
county players. They are both very approachable and happy to discuss any individual’s needs and progress, Emma
being the preferred first point of contact for email communications.

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