ICT Day 1. 

Match 1 v Warwickshire  What can I say….Our lot were tired, otherwise they wouldn’t have lost 10 - 0. ‘Man' of the match… Marcus for being the only player to win an end ( They were good!) ...Moving swiftly on!  ..

Match 2 v Berks. Another loss but a few more games won … pretty much all by the girls. Wins for Lucy and Bethan in the singles, Rosie and Lucy in the doubles and Marcus and Rosie in the mixed. Bethan and Libbi only narrowly missing out in a close 3 setter.

‘Man’ of the match… All the girls!!  Bethan because she is soldiering on and playing really well with a painful blister the size of a fifty pence coin! Rosie and Lucy because they won both their games, And Libbi because she’s only 13 and on a number occasions she outplayed a large 16 year boy who decided to pick on her in the mixed doubles. 

Match 3 v Sussex 
Only one thing to say here… Robert was the hero.. The only player to win a game and only after he carried on despite injuring his leg. (...only temporarily. ) Obviously the only contender for ‘Man’ of the match. 

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