...more medals for wiltshire


Wiltshire had a good presence in the south west counties tournament that
took place on 16/17th of June 2018.
Both boys and girls showed some good quality badminton in all age groups...

Riya Tarar won Silver and Gold in Singles and Doubles respectively in U14’s
with Yashica Racharla as her doubles partner.

 swct 1

Yashica Racharla also won singles and doubles in U12’s category.
Silver in singles and Gold in doubles with Yashica Earla as her doubles partner.

swct 2 


Yashica has been on a roll
over the last 6 months and
will definitely need a new
trophy cabinet at home.
Check out all of her
achievements here.

13/05/2018  Jag Racharla

 yashica 1


Riya's Double Gold in U15 Bronze

Riya won two gold medals  at Badminton Gloucester PC U15 Bronze on 19th of Nov 2017.

She won the singles category and women doubles  category pairing with Joanna Vyvyan.

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